what's the deal with co-operatives?

Co-operatives in Canada date back to the end of the 19th century. Initially, co-operatives were formed as marketing and purchasing societies before expanding to include dairy farms and credit unions. Today, co-operatives in Ontario generate $5.97 billion annually and employ 57,000 people in sectors as diverse as agriculture, arts & entertainment, banking, and energy

Visit the Ontario Co-operative Association to learn more about The History of Co-operatives and Co-operatives in Ontario. Still curious? Send us an email and we will happily to talk about co-ops until the cows come home!

example: Northeast investment co-operative

Our work in Waterloo Region has been inspired by co-operatives across Canada and the United States.

"The Northeast Investment Cooperative (NEIC) is a cooperative that allows residents of Minnesota to invest financially to collectively buy, rehab, and manage commercial and residential property in Northeast Minneapolis. 

"We believe that by investing patient capital, actively recruiting local businesses to occupy our property, and supporting those businesses as they grow and thrive, we can bring transformative change to Northeast Minneapolis, one building at a time."

The banner at the top of this page is a picture of NEIC’s first property which is home to a co-operative brewery and a family-owned German bakery.

Other Community real estate co-oPs