Melissa Bowman

Hi there! I’m Melissa Bowman and I’m really excited to be a part of what Union is doing. As someone who is passionate about building strong and equitable neighbourhoods, joining Union was an easy choice.

I’m an early childhood educator and spend much of my free time involved in a wide variety of community building initiatives such as Midtown Radio, Compass Kitchener, and the Cycling and Trails Master Plan working group. I’ve been the president of the Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association since 2014 and have volunteered at the Food Bank for over a decade. I also ran for Kitchener Council in the 2018 municipal election. Though not the successful candidate, I had the opportunity to learn about, and connect with, a lot of amazing people doing great things in our region. I wanted to highlight those great things and started the #365ofgoodWR blog to do exactly that. Each day I try to share about an amazing person, organization, or event in Waterloo Region, such as Union Sustainable Development Co-op.

Through my volunteer work and running for Council, I have become quite interested in creating more diverse housing options for our community. So, when I heard about Union Co-op’s vision, I was definitely on board. I appreciate Union’s grassroots approach along with the focus on cooperation, sustainability, and democratizing city-building. Also, I love that Union Co-op provides one way for individuals to take concrete action in supporting affordable housing in our region.

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